class of licence name of company address telephone no. The data we collect are only those necessary for the proper use of our service. Disclaimer: The Collectors, Traders and Recyclers Directory is compiled to provide reference for public to facilitate materials recovery and recycling in Singapore. * This phone number available for 3 min is not the recipient’s number but a number from a service which will put you through to that person. Industrial activities such as oil refining, and metal manufacturing mean the annual waste per capita in Canada is estimated to amount to 36.1 metric tons per inhabitant. Recyclable materials such as plastic, metals etc. Singapore, Regeneration of catalysts  Before waste can be recycled or disposed of, it will need to be collected – and this is quite an arduous task considering Singapore has many neighbourhoods and estates plus private residences that also need their waste … Spent copper slag generated from abrasive grit blasting activities in the shipyards is processed and can be used back for abrasive grit blasting and eco-concrete. Buy high-quality products from the >> Waste oil collector << area with Würth The online shop for professionals with over 125,000 products Large selection of mounting and fastening material Simple ordering and fast delivery Purchase on account Exclusively for trade customers Our advanced waste management facilities provide one stop, customized and hassle free solutions to handle waste safely and efficiently. Singapore, Toxic waste removal and treatment contractors  The tenders are open to companies that meet the pre-qualification criteria [pdf 85 Kb] , and successful bidders are awarded licences to provide refuse and recyclables collection services for the respective sectors for … Inclusion in this list does not constitute any licence or endorsement or recommendations by NEA. LIST OF LICENSED GENERAL WASTE COLLECTORS Each class of GWC is licensed to handle a certain type of waste, as follows: • Class B.1: Used Cooking Oil (UCO) NO CLASS OF LICENCE NAME OF COMPANY ADDRESS Telephone Fax 1 A|B 800 SUPER WASTE MANAGEMENT PTE LTD 17A SENOKO WAY SINGAPORE 758056 6366 3800 6365 3800 2 A A & P MAINTENANCE SERVICES PTE LTD By continuing to use our services beginning May 25, 2018, you acknowledge and agree to our updated Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Instagram. Singapore, Discover the best events for your business. Da Engineering is committed to satisfying our clients’ needs by providing various forms of waste collection to suit their needs. In Singapore, private companies set up recycling facilities to recycle different types of waste, for example, food, plastics, metals, steel slag, spent copper slag, tyres/rubber, horticultural, wood, electronic waste, as well as construction and demolition waste into useful resources. Singapore, Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) decontamination contractors  * This number, only available 3 minutes, is not your correspondant’s number but the number of a service putting you through to that person. Refrigerants (HCFC, HFC, CFC) are recovered and recycled for reuse in air conditioners and chillers. If you are interested to include your organisation/company’s information in the Directory, please fill in the application form found here [pdf 156Kb]. Waste Oil Collection. We collect all types of waste oil using our network of waste transfer stations; Dedicated in-house tanker fleet. Please refine your search by(Localization + What, who? The Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS) was set up in 2001 as a registered society to represent and promote the interests of its 150-odd members who include mainly General Waste Collectors and recycling companies. Users should contact companies for more information. Welcome. Waste collection is an efficient way of discarding any rubbish that has been accumulated in your home or company. Do you want these Companies in a Excel list ready to use? Company directory and business data solutions. Various recyclable materials such as metals, plastic, wood and hardcores etc., are recovered from the construction and demolition (C&D) waste for further processing. Singapore, Waste oil recovery and disposal contractors  ltd. 2 tuas south avenue 2; tuas vista #c01 - 05; singapore 637601 97903063 - 3 b.1 apeiron twin gem biofuel pte. Singapore Registry of Ships. Laboratory wastes. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals from local industrial, commercial and construction sectors in Singapore are collected for recycling. About The Directory | Add Your Company ... • Disposal of toxic & hazardous chemicals wastes • Disposal of waste oil • ISO tank cleaning & rental • Vacuum tanker services • Incineration of hazardous & non hazardous waste • Incineration/water treatment… More. Encouraging a Zero Waste Way Of Living. CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS . Singapore, Mercury waste and sludge disposal services  ETF Eco Corp is a waste collection company that provides quality solutions for commercial, residential and industrial waste disposal, supported by a dedicated team that to regularly manage all your waste disposal needs e.g paper, metal or plastic. If you need professional waste disposal, please not hesitate to contact our SG team. KOMPASS, All the lines are busy at the moment, please try again in a moment. You may contact our officers at 6225 5632 to seek more information, or to include/exclude your organisation/company's information. Oil Collection Service Includes the safe and environmentally sound removal of: used oil, oily water and used antifreeze. are recovered from the electronic waste. Metallic sludge. We want to assure residents that the efforts that they put in are not wasted. LOCATION TELEPHONE Montrose (01674) 674 126 Stirling (01786) 464 438 Washington (0191) 417 8906 Wigan (01942) 714 531 Chester (01244) 660 184 Sheffield (01909) 551 100 erby (01332) 290 345 West Bromwich (0121) 525 3202 Bury St Edmunds (01359) 242 … Examples of recycling processes in these facilities are as follows: A list of local collectors, traders and recyclers can be found here [xlsx 34Kb]. ECO Special Waste Management Pte Ltd 21 Tuas View Circuit Singapore 637358 Main Line: (65) 6517 3600 Main Fax: (65) 6862 0133 Procurement/Finance Fax: (65) 6863 2903 Customer Service Hotline: (65) 6517 3653 Customer Service Fax: (65) 6863 7813 Email: The Data API can be accessed via the following actions of the CKAN action API. Singapore’s new Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) will be the world’s largest energy recovery facility. Collects waste from all approved anchorages, wharves, and shipyards in Singapore and our waterfront land in the Jurong Industrial Estate. Used / contaminated / expired oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, industrial and marine lubricants and greases. About SRS and What's New. We have collected over 500 million litres of waste oil. Used Cooking Oil Collector. Offering both a scheduled and a call out service, your waste is collected safely and transfer to our licensed facilities, ensuring complete regulatory compliance. Spent grains and bread waste are processed into animal feed. Disclaimer: The Collectors, Traders and Recyclers Directory is compiled to provide reference for public to facilitate materials recovery and recycling in Singapore. Wastes from the production / formulation of inks, dyes, pigments, paints, lacquers, and varnish. It also seeks to upgrade and professionalise the industry as well as work with the government and community to promote recycling in order to create a … learn more. Eligibility Criteria. Enva provides an efficient, professional service, and are committed to recovering as much of the oil collected for reuse. Used wood pallets and crates can … ECO is one of Singapore’s leading waste management companies. Collects and disposes garbage Benefits of SRS . Details of Solution . Marpol Reception, Treatment and Disposal Facility for Oil Slop and Sludge, On-site Sludge Treatment and other waste streams. … IMO 2020 Fuel Oil Sulphur Limit. Waste batteries Merchant Shipping (Wreck Removal) Act 2017. With speed, versatility and reliability as the cornerstones of our waste collection company, you could count on us to provide effective waste disposal solutions in SG. It offers a wide range of services that include waste collection and disposal, proper destruction, waste handling, recycling programs, and a whole lot more. Merchant Shipping (Civil Liability and Compensation for Bunker Oil Pollution) Act. The metals present in the tyres are extracted for further recycling. Wood and Horticultural Waste Recycling In Singapore, 332,400 tonnes of wood waste and 252,600 tonnes of horticultural waste was generated in 2013. Singapore, Chemical waste collection and treatment contractors  Idustries that we have served include private properties, condominiums, corporate offices, hotels, shipyards, etc. NSL OilChem Waste Management Pte Ltd. 23 Tanjong Kling Road Singapore 628049 +65 6351 9700 +65 6513 3998: Linkedin This service is produced by Kompass. Contaminated fuels, diesel, kerosene and other petroleum products. Established since 1997, NOCS is the leading waste oil recycler in Singapore. Since the introduction of the Circuit Breaker on 7 April 2020, Public Waste Collectors (PWCs) have continued to provide public waste collection services with less manpower by extending their collection hours past the usual 7 pm. list of licensed used cooking oil (uco) collectors no. Our oil recycling service creates a closed loop in oil usage, re-refining used oil to create fuel oil, process oil and base oil, giving them a new lease on life. Recycled steel slag from the steel mill is used back for road construction. Moving forward, with the new public waste collection contracts, the appointed public waste collector responsible for recycling will do so in distinctly designed blue trucks. Greenchem is a hazardous waste management specialist. By co-locating the facility next to a new water reclamation plant (Tuas WRP) it will be possible to achieve the highest energy efficiency and lowest greenhouse gas footprint. NSL OilChem Waste Management Pte Ltd Established since 1997, NOCS is the leading waste oil recycler in Singapore. Last updated 22 October 2020, Collectors, Traders and Local Recycling Facilities, Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Exhumation Programme, Mount Vernon Columbarium Re-location Programme, Singapore's Efforts in Addressing Climate Change, Measurement and Reporting Requirements for Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Verification and Accreditation Requirements, National Communications and Biennial Update Reports, Reducing GHG emissions from the use of refrigerants in RAC sector, Mandatory Energy Management Practices for Existing Industrial Facilities, Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessment for Registered Corporations, Mandatory Energy Management Practices for New Industrial Facilities, Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC), Pasar Geylang Serai Merchants’ Association, Our Hawker Centres – A Heritage & Art Project, Vector Control Operator, Vector Control Technician and Vector Control Worker, Registration of Control of Public Health Pesticides and Repellents against Vectors, Accredited Testing Bodies For Source Emission Tests, Application for Hazardous Substance Licence/Permit, Endorsement of inward / outward declarations, Substances Requiring Installation of In-Vehicle Tracking Device, Technical Requirements Under Licensing Controls, Measures to Prevent and Control Water Pollution from the Use of Termiticide, Qualifying Criteria for Highly-Efficient Water Pollution, Allowable Limits for Trade Effluent Discharge to Watercourse or Controlled Watercourse, Beach Short-term Water Quality Information, Safe Distancing at Hawker Centres and Markets, Interim Guidelines for Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection of Areas Exposed to Confirmed Case(s) of COVID-19 in Non-Healthcare Premises, Interim Guidelines for Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection in Residences That May Be Exposed to the COVID-19 Virus, Interim List of Household Products and Active Ingredients for Surface Disinfection of the COVID-19 Virus, Technical Guidance on the Testing of Self-Disinfecting Surface Coatings against SARS-CoV-2, Advisory on Surface Cleaning and Disinfection for COVID-19, General Sanitation and Hygiene Advisory for Premises Owners and Operators, Tripartite Advisory on Ensuring Sustainability of the Cleaning Sector in view of COVID-19, Tripartite Advisory on Ensuring Sustainability of the Waste Management Sector in view of COVID-19, Should one avoid public places where there have been confirmed 2019 Novel Coronavirus cases, With local transmission of COVID-19, is it safe to clean and disinfect public spaces without wearing any form of Personal Protective Equipment, Summary Of Radiation Protection (Amendment) Act 2014, Exemption for Transit, Transhipment and Carriage of Conveyance Equipment, Facility Inspections on Ionising and Non-Ionising Radiation, Information on the Control of Radiation Emitting Equipment and Substances, Application for Licence to Import or Export Irradiating Apparatus and Radioactive Materials, Application for Licence to Import or Export via TradeNet System, Application for Other Related Radiation Licences, Application for Licence to Import or Export without going through TradeNet System, Adminstrative Changes to N2 and N3 Non Ionising Radiation Licences, Safety Guidelines for Use of UVC Devices in Commercial/Industrial Settings, Advisory on the Use of UVC Sterilisers in the Home, Radiation Safety Information for the Beauty Industry, Advisory on Sale, Distribution, Possession and Use of Non-Ionising Irradiating Apparatus controlled under Radiation Protection Act, Information on Ultraviolet (UV) Sun Tanning Beds, Health Effects of Ionising Radiation on People, Smoking Prohibition in Educational Institutions and Public Service Vehicles, Smoking Prohibition in Food Shops and Hawker Centres, Smoking Prohibition in Entertainment Outlets, Smoking Prohibition in Non-Air-Conditioned Indoor Public Places and Outdoor Public Facilities, Smoking Prohibition in Reservoirs and Parks, Guidelines on DSAs, Signage and Publicity Materials, National Voluntary Partnership for E-Waste Recycling, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) System for E-waste Management System, Food Distribution Organisations, Local Recycling Facilities and Suppliers, Types of Recyclables and Recycling Processes, Disposal of Bulky Items, Garden Wastes and Dead Pets. Best viewed using the current and previous release of Chrome and Safari, © 2021 National Environment Agency Every litre is recovered and recycled for re-use as base oil high or high specification fuel oil. 31 Senoko Loop Singapore 758163. Shipping Forms. * This phone number available for 3 min is not the recipient’s number but a number from a service which will put you through to that person. Scrap tyres / rubber are processed into rubber chips. Fully licensed by National Environment Agency (NEA) as a Toxic Industrial Waste Collector and General Waste Collector. The Smart Waste Oil Collection System, which is equipped with diagnostics, fill-level sensors and data management system, transports waste oil from the fryer to the waste oil containment tank with minimal human intervention. * This number, only available 3 minutes, is not your correspondant’s number but the number of a service putting you through to that person. Glass, metal, plastic are recovered from the fluorescent lamps. Processed into plastic pellets to be used as feedstock in the production of plastic related products. We will respond to your query as soon as possible and deploy the most effective solutions. Waste Collection – A Challenging Task Handled By Public Waste Collectors. 1 b.1 a star sole provider trading 77 joo chiat terrace singapore 427240 63626492 - 2 b.1 alpha biofuels (s) pte. HCC’s program is designed to keep your operation running smoothly by offering regularly scheduled service visits by our Professional Service Representatives who are trained in the proper paperwork and tracking documents necessary to keep your business in compliance. We Buy Waste Oil are a well-established, legally compliant, waste oil collection & recycling company. Skyland Bio-Energy Pte Ltd was established in 2012 in Singapore. Quick and efficient response to meet your needs. WASTE OIL COLLECTION From small drums to large tanks, our nationwide fleet of tankers and trucks collects waste engine and industrial oil. Kleenwaste will collect, whether it’s a single drum or a full tank. Singapore, Recovery of oils and fats from effluent and waste water  fax no. Why this number ? Collects CHT water / grey water / waste water. Frequent updates ensuring high quality data, General Policy for the Protection of Personal Data. With collection coverage and recycling facilities throughout the UK we will ensure that your waste oil collection is dealt with efficiently, legally and in the most environmentally friendly manner. The plant design is based on the most advanced waste-to-energy technology. Shipping Circulars. Textiles, Clothing, Leather, Watchmaking, Jewellery, Environmental services, renewable energies, Toxic and chemical waste collection and recycling services. Singapore, Asbestos waste disposal contractors  Recycle your UCO with us today Who Are We? Answer: Please refer to the information in this link for public waste collection in Singapore. Register with SRS. This service is produced by Kompass. If you’re looking for a waste management company in Singapore that can help deal with all sorts of waste, then you might want to check out Greenway Environmental.