Study Bible by Faithlife – the same app with a focus on their Faithlife Study Bible book which is a nice study Bible. Instead, Logos 9 builds on the solid foundation of Logos 8 with a wonderful addition of genuinely helpful tools for pastors. In the Android app, you’ll find it in the Menu button in the upper left corner of the app. The bulk of the product is, after all, the Bible and associated literary products (in electronic form). Getting Started. DISCOUNT: Use this link to get 15% off Logos 9 and 5 free books. I have multiple Bible apps on my devices, but I use The Bible App by YouVersion 95% of the time because it offers the perfect balance between form and function. Download logos bible software for windows 10 for free. The link to open it shows up in the upper right corner. You can also still create fill in the blanks and questions that will automatically be compiled for handouts. Windows 10 S. Surface Pro X platform. I rate it among the best Bible software programs available today. Sadly, I don’t feel like I was adequately prepared in Bible college or seminary to handle the questions I get on an almost daily basis. Logos needs to fix this. Logos is a complex and incredibly powerful, professional application for Bible study. The Reference Scanner finds the references quickly and displays the Bible verse. If it finds multiple references, it will list them and the user can tap the one they want to view. See the pasted text on the right. Use Share and you only get a link to the Logos web app instead of properly formatted verse with the numbers for each verse and a reference and the Bible translation as it should. Here you’ll see an automatically created outline of your sermon based on the headings in your message. Logos Bible Study Tools – their main app with more advanced features. Rezension von Prof. Dr. Thomas Hieke (Juni 2014; Aktualisierung Dezember 2014, Februar und Juni 2015). Pro­bieren geht über Studieren. I’m not going to do a deep dive into the overhauled Factbook. For example, if I type “marriage,” I see topics about communication, conflict, boundaries, and more. Pastor Kevin blogs at But I do want to highlight a few of the updates that I think make Logos 9 worthy of consideration, and also a few of the problems. So Logos will now follow suit. When you copy a range of verses you won’t get verse numbers or the reference copied in Android. After selecting the appropriate topic, there is a great list of resources. It’s frustrating to feel like you’ve sunk a lot of money into a product you don’t know how to use. In short, yes. Also see the video above. Bible; Logos 8 Bible Software Review. The feature-rich Logos Bible app might seem too complex for people who just want to read the Bible. The pasted text has no verse numbers nor does it have the reference (see above, Logos on left and Google Keep on the right). Logos Bibel-Software ist eine riesige elektronische Bibliothek, die neben den Bibeltexten in vielen Versionen eine Fülle an Werken über die Bibel - vornehmlich aus christlicher Perspektive - und weitere christliche Literatur aller Konfessionen und Denominationen bietet. It finds references and shows the text for you. Simply switch to “Dark” under Application Theme in the System Preferences, and relaunch the app to see it in action. An ARM-based processor. 4.1/5. You can even set it to “System,” and it will default to whatever your computer system settings are. Faithlife publishes the Logos Bible suite of apps. It’s either everything in one block paragraph, making the text so small it could be unreadable for the audience, or one verse per slide, which can be more than you want to break it up, or letting it break naturally with each paragraph fully formatted, which can still make a large paragraph too much for a single slide. I was wondering if the pictures/media that you are able to input within notes is available for viewing and adding from mobile as well? Then, any time you want, you can click the Sermon Notes tab to see all of your notes. The mobile app … It has Everything . Desktop-Version für Windows + Mac, Apps für Android + iOS, Web-App. Not Now Install . The changes will take some getting used to for longtime users of the old version. That leads me to my second biggest complaint about the new user interface. As a Pastor and student having so much information all in one place is a big help." 90 % Approve of CEO. By. If you copy a range of verses it inexplicably won’t copy the verse numbers on Android devices or the reference in either Android or iPhone. 519 reviews for Logos Bible Software, rated 4.89 stars. Hier sind vier Möglichkeit­en, Logos Bibel­soft­ware kosten­los zu testen. However, most of the new features are promised to work on the app too. They’ve added plenty of really, really cool and helpful tools over the past 10 years—but at its core, Logos is a mixture of Bible-study data and content. Overall, it’s much improved. Logos remains the king of Bible study software. The Faithlife Study Bible has a lot of verse notes, book introductions, and multimedia tools to help students understand the Bible. Faithlife publishes the Logos Bible suite of apps. ... A Christian Review Of ‘Girl, Stop Apologizing’ Comments. Second, there is no option to shorten Bible verses. Dark mode is great for working at night when you don’t want the blindingly bright white screen beating on your eyeballs. If you feel as unprepared for counseling as I was, this tool alone is worth the price. In Logos 9, you can now open the Counseling Guide, begin typing the topic to see a list of possible scenarios that the person may be dealing with. Thanks. Get the Faithlife Study Bible app today, and feed your curiosity. Logos. Click it to create a new sermon notebook or use an existing notebook. They added some of the settings to the menu found in the book viewer screen. They don’t just offer one, but multiple apps. The software isn’t easy to learn. Dr. Kevin Purcell is a pastor, writer, and tech enthusiast. The number of tools that are available are (honestly) overwhelming, but the experienced user can master these tools quickly. Jesus of Nazareth stands as the central figure in human history. These Bible apps and tools will provide you with a way to nurture your faith both easily and effectively. ... That being said, I think the look of the Logos app is really nice and page-turn is a big bonus. Neben essen­ziellen Ausle­gungswerkzeu­gen und Daten­banken enthält diese kosten­lose Bibel­soft­ware eine kleine, aber feine Samm­lung von deutschen Bibeln, Kom­mentaren und … Steven Bancarz - December 1, 2018. "That's what Logos Bible Software is all about. 4.6/5. Then, I can add a second tab for a second commentary or a second Bible and sync all three. Syncs with Logos Bible Software across all platforms, so you can take your library anywhere Get over 90 free Bibles and books Take advantage of comprehensive, easy-to-use Bible study tools like the Passage Guide, Text Comparison, Bible Word Study, and more Highlight, take notes, and easily share your findings with others Product description. Beta versions of Windows. Which Bible app should you choose? Zur Sicher­heit. These images can even be turned into slides. Verbum is an app that’s focused on Catholic resources. Especially for us powerpoint users… the key to putting together a powerpoint presentation is the ability to alter verses and insert pictures from the internet as we create.

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