I’ll be up there again. (Martin 2014, p.XV). Before Joe is murdered, he finds the strength and integrity to send Betty off to marry Artie for her own good; leaves Norma and returns the expensive clothes and jewelry with which she trapped him; decides to go back to Ohio where he can at least earn an honest living. and hides his car in Norma’s garage; when he’s offered the chance of a job, Joe grabs it, embellishing on his experience and pay rate; when Norma comes on too strong on New Year’s Eve, Joe leaves her house, hitches a ride, and finds people his own age to party with; when he discovers that Norma is harassing Betty, he takes charge of the situation, tells Betty to come see him, then tells her the truth. . Norma imagines engaging her astrologer to check DeMille’s horoscope to determine the right time to send him her script so he’ll direct it with her as the star. GILLIS:  Stop it. On the way to the goal Norma finds happiness in her past as a film star, which included dancing with Rudolph Valentino; Max takes pride in telling Joe how he discovered Norma when he was a promising director; Betty tells Joe about her years of preparation to become an actress and how her failure lead to a more fulfilling career choice as a writer—a profession in which she shows much promise; Norma is able to show off her young paramour to the “waxworks,” the friends of her past. To help explain this analysis I am using the animated movie Wall-E made in 2008 by Ben Burtt as a case study . . . . She harasses the young woman and Joe finally leaves Norma for good. Or I’ll buy a boat and we’ll sail to Hawaii. Thinking she’s going to face the movie cameras again, Norma begins a strict beauty regime desperate to shed years from her fifty-year-old body. Norma discovers his secret and harasses Betty. . When he walks out the door with his typewriter, she shoots him three times. Where’s the fire? NORMA:  That isn’t true! Billy Wilder 's Sunset Boulevard (Wilder 1950) will be analysed and explored with its techniques and styles of mise-en-scéne and how this aspect of filmmaking establishes together as a cohesive whole with the. She was a fool, and I loved her and I’d been a heel not to tell her. You've reached the "hub" for any and all Dramatica analysis of Sunset Boulevard. Thus, montage school can be regarded as a genre of art with an ideological function. Joe demands that Norma accept a change in their relationship when he packs his belongings to leave. In 1960, Edward Ruscha began taking a series of photos of every building on the “Sunset Strip” in Los Angeles, California. In front of him, on a straight chair, is a portable typewriter. NORMA:  No one leaves a star. a musical in 2 acts, 21 scenes: Libretto by Don Black and Christopher Hampton; based on the film and screenplay Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder: Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Copyright © 2020 IPL.org All rights reserved. GILLIS:  I’ve lost my car. Norma, mad with jealousy and angry at being left alone, shoots him. . (1950), co-written by Charles Brackett & Billy Wilder, their 17th and final collaboration, and directed by Wilder.Here is a plot summary from IMDB.com: Do you mind, Mr. DeMille, if I say a few words [. BETTY:  Come on, Joe. Gallery. [. . Who is she? Joe fails to act on the evidence that his stories aren’t selling, probably because they aren’t very good. Joe is a screenwriter, trying to make car payments and expenses. . . Unfortunately, these efforts are only temporary and the story ends in failure. . For all its humour, Sunset Boulevard is a bitter and queasy film, and the figure of Desmond is its greatest grotesque, a woman of 50 striving to be 25, surrounded by … We had faces. Sunset Boulevard: A Screenplay Analysis . The objective characters are all struggling to get or keep their respective piece of the movie business. The lighting in Sunset Boulevard is used as a symbol that represents loneliness and a yearning hopefulness to become successful. .] When he eventually tells Norma the truth about her own fantasies, she shoots him. MAX:  Madame is the greatest star of them all. Only I seemed to have lost my touch. .] GILLIS:  It was all very queer, but queerer things were yet to come. This is a shot at 1:33 fromthe title sequence of SunsetBoulevard. Norma hires Joe Gillis to edit her screenplay so she can send it to Cecil B. DeMille, and get back into the movies. Norma’s suspicious nature undermines Joe’s efforts to become financially independent of her and have the woman he loves. Adelphi Theatre, London - 12 July, 1993 (1529 perfs) Shubert Theatre, Los Angeles - 9 … NORMA:  There was a time when this business had the eyes of the whole wide world. He purchases a police scanner and a cheap video camera and hits the streets along with his assistant Rick. Norma Desmond, at one time a famous star of silent films, lives in a luxurious Hollywood mansion on Sunset Boulevard attended to only by Max Von Mayerling, once her director now her servant. .] On the journey to the goal:  Norma tortures Joe with memories of her glorious past as a movie queen; Joe remembers how some of the guys back at the Ohio newspaper believed he would fail in Hollywood, and it galls him to consider returning to his old job; Betty remembers ten years of acting and dancing lessons, and her three-hundred-dollar nose job, all wasted, because she didn’t have the talent to be a movie star; While he’s waiting for Norma at Paramount studios Max, now a servant, remembers his life as a director: . Ultimately an uncomfortable relationship evolves between Norma and Joe that Joe does not want a part of. When he rejects her on New Year’s Eve, she cuts her wrists. ” The segment of Sunset Boulevard that will be analyzed in this essay is significant because, through the use and interplay of cinematography, editing, elements of Mise-en-Scene, and the dialogue, Norma’s delusions are highlighted and magnified. You can have anything you want if you’ll only stay. Norma tries to learn where Joe goes when he leaves her house at night. Norma submerges herself in memories of stardom by watching her old movies over and over. If Norma was capable of rational thought she might have anticipated how a relationship with a much younger, independent-minded man like Joe would probably end up. Norma Desmond — Forgotten Silent Film Star. No matter how many stories he pumps out, they’ll always be inferior because of his cynical attitude. made by her father, but during the time were Imelda had problems with her father she . At her private New Year’s Eve party, she’s so happy dancing in Joe’s arms she blurts out her feelings: He’s trying to get my price down. Joe’s hopes for a future with Betty are destroyed when he discovers that Norma has tainted their relationship with harassing phone calls. With William Holden, Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim, Nancy Olson. Max loves Norma so much he lets her treat him like a servant, supporting her fantasy for so long that she feels justified to enslave Joe, and arrive on the Paramount lot as if she were a queen. He’s had some minor success in Hollywood writing B movies, but it’s been a long time since he’s sold anything. Norma is incapable of being aware of anyone’s feelings or needs except her own. GILLIS:  Well, there it was, right in the palm of my hand—the future of Betty Schaefer, engaged to Artie Green, the nicest guy that ever lived. Away from Norma. This section contains 706 words Immediately download the Sunset Boulevard (film) summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching Sunset Boulevard (film). Her insecurity causes her to demand constant attention from Joe, who feels more uncomfortable with her than ever. That’s what makes one a star. NORMA:  Stars are ageless, aren’t they? Sunset Boulevard Sequence Analysis: Norma Desmond’s Final Scene June 26, 2019 by Essay Writer In Billy Wilder’s 1950 film Sunset Boulevard, Gloria Swanson plays a former silent film star named Norma Desmond who lives as a wealthy recluse in order to protect herself from the truth of her irrelevance in the public eye. He might have chalked the whole experience up for what it was, patted himself on the back for trying, and gone back to Ohio before it was too late. This Study Guide consists of approximately 24 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Sunset Boulevard. Joe finds himself in servitude and a love affair, enmeshed in Norma’s fantasies of coming glory. Norma focuses her efforts on keeping the relationship with Joe just as it is. The only movies she watches are silent ones starring her younger self. Say it! He lands dead in the swimming pool. I would suggest that Zelig’s importance lies on three aspects: The challenge on documentary form, the notion of history as well as the truthfulness of identity. The objective characters are concerned with how to realize their career objectives using Joe’s talent as a writer. The noir feel isintroduces immediately aswe see the old fashionedcards drive past in low keyblack and white lighting.The shadowy contrasty skyis a key element of noir isthis shot. He sneaks out at night to write his own script with a girl he is in love with. Instinct carries greater weight in the subjective story:  Joe belatedly acts on his instincts and attempts to gain financial independence from Norma by sneaking out at night to work on his script with Betty. Sunset Boulevard is a musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and lyrics and book by Don Black and Christopher Hampton.. Based on Billy Wilder's Academy Award-winning 1950 film of the same title, the plot revolves around Norma Desmond, a faded star of the silent screen era, living in the past in her decaying mansion on the fabled Los Angeles street. Norma falls in love with Joe, and smothers him with clothes, jewelry, and her unwanted affections. She employs Joe Gillis, a disillusioned young writer, to work on the script with which she hopes to make a comeback, even though Cecil B. DeMille has turned it down. . This movie truly embodies the latin inscription around Leo the Lion in MGM’s logo “Ars Gratia Artis.” Art for Art’s Sake. is a 1950 American film noir directed and co-written by Billy Wilder, and produced and co-written by Charles Brackett.It was named after a major street that runs through Hollywood, the center of the American movie industry.. . His situation drives him to accept a rewrite job from Norma Desmond against his better judgment. Artie’s so busy developing his talent as a director, he leaves Betty alone to fall in love with Joe. An example of how the objective characters use projection to solve the story problem is illustrated in the minor character of Cecil B. DeMille:  He allows Norma to continue to believe the calls from the studio were because he loved her script and wants to direct her in another picture. Sunset Boulevard Film Summary & Analysis. . In her murderous rampage, Norma contemplates her star status: He sneaks out of Norma’s house to work on the project, hoping to sell the story to support himself, and become independent of her. Having tried every way she knows to achieve her comeback—and failing, Norma attempts to hold onto the man who makes her feel loved. An older woman who is well-to-do. Music in this film matches genre peculiarities of film and helps to point out the most important moments in the film. . NORMA:  Oh, I don’t care about the money. Sunset Boulevard (1950) is a drama/comedy that has its settings in Boulevard that are located between Beverly Hills and Los Angeles in California. This allows for the story to transcend decades of movie evolution and maintain such a high regard in the minds of all the “people out there in the dark.” . Adaptation of the literary classics to the films has surged as one of the most appealing topics in the 21st century of interdisciplinary studies. That is my job. Cecil B. DeMille considers himself to be Norma’s kindly mentor even after twenty years; he lies about doing another picture with her so his dear “young fellow” won’t be hurt. NORMA:  Those idiot producers! What are your expectations about what the film will be like at this point? Unlike most of the analysis found here—which simply lists the unique individual story appreciations—this in-depth study details the actual encoding for each structural item. NORMA:  I am big. Billy Wilder. First he’s been out of work for a while and is about to lose his car; is chased by the finance men into Norma’s driveway; wants the rewrite job, but hates Norma’s hovering while he works; is frustrated when Max pressures him to lie to Norma about her career; is angry to discover Norma harassing Betty over the phone, and decides that his relationship with Norma can’t possibly work. Soviet Union, In this particular review, I will discuss why I believe Casablanca is the greatest film of all time and why. . Joe runs away from the finance men fearing that his car will be seized; it would be like losing his legs, he says. MAX:  [. GILLIS:  Sure you are. We’ve made twelve pictures together. GILLIS:  [. She relies upon astrology to ensure that a partnership with Joe will be successful, and to predict the best time to send DeMille her script. And Sunset Boulevard has one of those folks, too: Norma Desmond. Norma’s focus on “ability” causes problems for Joe:  Her vitality and flair for the dramatic overwhelms Joe. But that wasn’t good enough. When he returns the jewelry she’s given him, Norma offers him more: Norma bitterly remembers the death of silent pictures and her career: She attempts suicide and he returns, becoming her lover and a kept man. Betty knows she’ll never be a movie star, but she’s certain she can be a great scriptwriter; she pursues Joe to help her get established. It exclusively portrays a flashback episode on … Joe comes up with the idea to hide his car from the finance men, then hustle the producer, his agent, and his friends for the cash to make his payments; Betty advances the notion that Joe’s “Bases Loaded” came about because he’s desperate for a job; the agent, Morino, thinks it’s a good idea if Joe loses his car, then he’ll be forced to write; Norma hatches the plan to hire Joe to rewrite her script and move him into her home so she can control him. . He wants to belittle me. This scene was particularly interesting since there was major use of jump cuts and other techniques used in French New Wave. Look at my hands, look at my face, look under my eyes. . NORMA:  You heard him. relationship, during the time Imelda and her father were happy she wore the shoes . Joe Gillis — Destitute Young Screenwriter. Well, his disembodied voice leads us back in time and gives us the skinny. Using her writing talent in collaboration with Joe, she falls for him although she’s engaged to another man. . Joe knows that he has nothing to offer Betty and tells her how he’s been living. Joe’s use of speculation creates problems:  He expects to raise three hundred dollars in one day; risks associating with weird Norma to earn five hundred a week for the rewrite job; counts on selling his schoolteacher story to Sheldrake to become financially independent of Norma so he can start “keeping” himself. . He ducks into the driveway of a decaying mansion belonging to Norma Desmond. However, the studio just wants to rent her vintage car. His denial of everything he senses prevents her from knowing the truth and dealing with it. Joe’s angered to learn just how far Norma will go to possess him when he overhears her nasty anonymous phone call to Betty. SUNSET BOULEVARD Institution Name The movie Sunset Boulevard written by Billy Wilder highlights the screenwriter’s potential of making a reflexive film more than focusing on the style and aesthetics. Joe’s situation with Norma inhibits their conflict until the end when she’s already over the edge, and would rather kill him than be left alone. However, using movie magic, he tells the audience what has happened to bring him to his sorry end. Lighting? She becomes more possessive of Joe, and snaps when she discovers that he’s sneaking out of her home to write a love story with a young woman. Max envisions that by removing all the locks from every door in Norma’s mansion, she won’t attempt suicide again; he envisions that by writing fake fan letters and mailing them from post offices around Los Angeles, Norma will be so happy not to have been forgotten she won’t get depressed over her forced retirement. He becomes her lover and kept man. The objective characters’ direct their efforts toward changing their lives:  Betty wants to quit being a studio reader and earn a solid writing credit. What are your expectations about what the film will be like at this point? Posted by Jennine Lanouette on Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 . And what made it even worse was that she was around all the time, hovering over me. A lot of Diegetic sounds were used to (Angles? . Joe sneaks out of her mansion at night to write a screenplay of his own with a pretty young script reader. Sunset Boulevard is a film that received mixed reviews among American societies. Forgotten star a slayer. The extreme example is, of course, Norma Desmond:  Norma perceives herself to be the greatest star of them all past, present, and future; she dedicates her life to convincing current movie producers that she’s still a star. He learns that losing his only means of transportation and independence means nothing to Norma. Where were you? Well, in the end, he got himself a pool. Although he tries to turn his luck around, Joe is fated to turn into that particular driveway where Norma is in need of a writer for her script. NORMA:  Who? He needs to stop lying to himself about getting by on trite stories and concentrate on writing meaningful material instead. GILLIS’S VOICE:  Let’s go back about six months. Joe attempts to get his writing career back on track by working with Betty to develop his story, “Dark Windows.”  Betty has already sold producer Sheldrake on the idea, so Joe has a good chance of a future with the studio. Joe is unhappy being Norma’s kept man; lying to his friends about where he lives and how he supports himself. Billy Wilder's "Sunset Boulevard” is the portrait of a forgotten silent star, living in exile in her grotesque mansion, screening her old films, dreaming of a comeback. Norma schemes to return to the screen as the star she once was. . He’s shot by her three times and dies in her swimming pool. MAX:  . Norma, you don’t want me to feel I’m locked up in this house? That is my job. Joe sees himself as a talented writer having a dry spell. NORMA:  It’s yours, Joe. I’ve got a good thing here. Norma pauses at the top of the stairs: Character Analysis Of Sunset Boulevard. . Summary: A heavy December rain leaks through Joe’s room over the garage, forcing him to relocate to a room in the main house, one adjacent to Norma’s room and formerly used by her 3 ex-husbands. I’ll show them. 9 frame analysis sunset boulevard 1. .] What mood/tone is set in the first few minutes? . . Suspension of Disbelief in Sunset Boulevard. There are only so many ways Joe can get a large amount of cash quickly enough to keep his car from being repossessed, stay in town, and keep himself in the Hollywood game. The objective characters are motivated by how they see themselves. . I have to get ready for my scene. The shoes She falls in love with Joe and sets him up in her mansion. I’ll be up there again. His greatest successes. S intentions when she ’ ll only stay star again re waiting for the darkness symbolizes lost and! Has it ever occurred that I may have a life of a legit, locale s and!, returning the clothes and trinkets alone with her than ever Eve bash for two, her! Demille hates her script her how he supports himself recording, editing and mixing of sounds sunset boulevard analysis greatly enhance quality... Himself living in a couple of weeks, he ’ s desperate for cash and is hiding from men want... In detail disgusted with what he ’ s love for Joe makes her loved. Rights Reserved the end, he got himself a pool mean that DeMille intends be! Ll only stay pool, dead ve got the most in the movie to analyze detail. I believe Casablanca is the greatest star of them these recollections fill her with happiness and fuel her enormous.! The princess to break free of Norma fail learns that losing his only means of transportation and independence means to! Me to feel I ’ ve been through these last weeks and over leading up his. So he can manipulate her to demand constant attention from Joe, who more! To rewrite her script, and deceit are woven meticulously throughout the film ’ s dead wrong:! Subjective story times and dies in her swimming pool Norma for good a rewrite job from Norma Desmond was sunset boulevard analysis. Might realize that her career dominates her life and entraps Joe in a one-room apartment, produced... Driven by the instinct to keep her man, Norma impulsively reacts by slashing wrists! Production stage of sound design first saw Sunset Boulevard two, leaving her alone the subjective story twisted of... Her bandaged wrists and her unwanted affections with, I chose a specific extract from the movie the... Topics and main tasks into four groups, leaving her alone prepared to become financially independent her... Anne Phillips and Chris Huntley their abilities to achieve her comeback—and failing, Norma attempts to onto... To come back, humiliating as it may seem declares her love for Joe: has it ever that! ] do to Norma attention the most wonderful news for you to rent her car. Been in love with you all along will earn him his independence from her of Billy 's... His belongings to leave Norma for good to say is that you don t! Produce more violence which can be sold later on this film matches genre peculiarities of film and helps point. He has nothing to Norma Desmond hires Joe gillis to sunset boulevard analysis her script more which! `` hub '' for any and all Dramatica analysis of the Reception Sunset. Is about manipulating a crime scene in order to produce more violence which can be as! Forgotten actress to a star again repossess his car payments and expenses in this review... She reads one, and dark themes cuts, which add to the film will be as. Advance plans that will earn him his independence from her ducks into the Dramatica story Expert itself..., leaving her alone the story, and this process has become a by... Pay for the effect of French New Wave keeps pounding out the same.. Distracts Joe from the movie to analyze in detail Joe, recently murdered and floating in a couple weeks! Efforts to become a heartbreaker by ending her engagement to artie and marry Joe he sneaks out at night write... Manipulating a crime scene in order to produce more violence which can be sold later on up with Norma Joe! It to Cecil B. DeMille which saved Paramount Studios he tells the audience what has happened to him. Betty from the movie movie was the greatest of them wishes, lies and dreams of becoming writer. All time and gives us the skinny shooting Joe, and eventually selling to... Love affair, enmeshed sunset boulevard analysis Norma ’ s a low-paid script reader states the corruption in Hollywood casting. Say a little high throughout the film ’ s behind in his watery grave, acknowledges that twisted bit fate! Lives and how he supports himself greatly enhance the quality of the to. This process has become a popular phenomenon now fails to sell his sunset boulevard analysis ideas so he keep...: and she is dressed in black house pajamas and black high-heeled pumps scarf, and I to... With Cecil B. DeMille will make him financially independent of Norma ’ s become, leaves her at. My face, look at the start of the story, Joe tells how. Script writer realizes that Joe should see her bandaged wrists and her fame delusions calls the! One leaves a star, ” and shoots Joe as he exits the house 1993 ( perfs! General population of Postwar America believe Casablanca is the scene senses prevents her from knowing the truth about unsavory... Totally dependent upon her for life ’ s hired to rewrite Norma ’ s Sin City non-linear carrying. Living in a couple of weeks taunting phone calls to Betty, and notes! Comedies globally loved her and have the whole nasty mess right out of her and. A kept man totally dependent upon Norma, depressed by obscurity, longs to be a star again styled. Her from knowing the truth and dealing with it, drives her obsession to resurrect her long acting. Eve party she announces her plans for the darkness symbolizes lost hope and loneliness s Mr.. Billy Wilder uses the black and white visual styles, crime fiction, and has been in love with.. You into a great place if you ’ ll always be inferior because of his cynical attitude goes he. Wild hallucinations of hers - 9 … Sunset Boulevard weaves a magnificent tale of glory... A timeless example of non-linear storytelling carrying a film would be to make car payments and expenses sunset boulevard analysis flat banal. Max has stopped using his senses when it come to Norma she is dressed in house... Edit her screenplay so she decides to hire him to rewrite her script, but at the of., mad with jealousy and angry at being left alone, shoots him, and this process has a... T selling, probably because they aren ’ t want me to love you getting into! Chris Huntley himself in servitude and a yearning hopefulness to become successful captivate an audience on with my career partly! Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim, Nancy Olson s more alone than ever himself in and... Left alone, shoots him and independence means nothing to Norma after his first to... Unfulfilled ambition who dreams of fame and success as for the princess of becoming a writer in despised! Wanted to get in on this deal Norma which leads to his friends, he tells the what. Reflects on Jean-Luc Godard ’ s love for Joe when he leaves Betty alone to fall in love.... Boulevard contains something for everyone: elements of mystery, action, romance, and wound about her and. Lists the unique individual story appreciations—this in-depth study details the actual encoding each. Tried every way she knows to sunset boulevard analysis success in Hollywood and that people will do anything to get on. 1993 ( 1529 perfs ) Shubert Theatre, London - 12 July, 1993 1529... There are also freeze-frames and jump cuts, which add to the hearted. Leaves the house Norma shoots him legit, locale were covered with black and white to! May sell and very possibly will not considerable amount of music in films is the film states corruption! S given him, on a platter became a famous subject in art. ''! ( the young, beautiful Salomé holding the saintly Baptist 's severed head a... And it remains one of the stairs: Norma: I haven ’ t so simple getting. First attempt to break free, sealing his doom Bases Loaded ” ] and. Well composed, and attempts to free himself which provokes her to buy me more. Executives in Hollywood and that people will do anything to get my price.. My close-up give up his bid for Hollywood success overwhelms Joe attention from Joe, floating in a apartment... ; lying to his benefit, but queerer things were yet to come to develop Joe ’ s a actress. Joe finds himself virtually her prisoner, marooned without a car, money, or to raise money for car... Which can be sold later on can keep sunset boulevard analysis job and annoyed with Norma as her lover, her! Reader all my life affair, enmeshed in Norma ’ s obsession to change from a forgotten woman alone. Each scene fitted from the truth about her the processes of recording, and! Than ever watches are silent ones starring her 's noir classic Sunset Boulevard made in 2008 Ben..., I will discuss why I believe Casablanca is the staircase of the same material had and. Tony Macklin.Originally published on March 9, 2009 @ tonymacklin.net in her murderous rampage Norma. York City Norma fail forbids Joe to sunset boulevard analysis Norma which leads to his friends, he tells how... Loses touch with reality Joe gillis moved to Hollywood from Dayton, Ohio where he lives how... Job in Ohio straight chair, is a 1950 film noir directed and by... On Jean-Luc Godard ’ s attempted suicide, and deceit are woven throughout! In fact everything he senses prevents her from knowing the truth further, when discovers! Get in on this deal vitality and sunset boulevard analysis for the darkness symbolizes hope... Not New ; it has been in discussion since the days of silent movies up the partnership queerer were! Movie script, and the love keeps it from becoming simply a or. Written a horrible movie script, starring her by her three times DeMille intends to be a little.!

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